The Choice is Clear

The 2016 Election proved to be one of the most polarizing moments in American History.  In the heat of it all, Emerge-PAC USA tapped us to help them create a series of political ads which would move Muslim American citizens to vote for the candidate who has their best interests in mind.

We went over the most important issues facing Muslims in America. The clients prioritized policy and calculated rhetoric, emphasizing Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslims from entering the country, versus Hillary’s push to accept 60,000 Syrian refugees. Our team began researching the clearest and most evocative sound bytes of each candidate representing their vision for the future of Muslims living in America. The client was totally satisfied with the final cuts, and was able to reach over 17,000 people with both videos. One of the videos was even featured on Politico.

Because of the campaign trail’s volitile pace and polarizing implications, these videos needed to be quick and impactful. This proved to be a challenge, since Trump’s lazy and round-about speaking style and Hillary’s slow, calculated cadence needed to be severely polished and edited in order to capture their words efficiently.

We used the visual motif of a US quarter dollar coin to show the two possible outcomes of the election, while ending on a positive note; that you don’t have to leave this to chance, and you can take control of America’s future.


Emerge USA


February 27, 2017